Traditional Brands

Httpool provides media agencies with support, technology and access to its most relevant global and regional media partners to ensure they achieve their clients’ business and marketing objectives.


Httpool has been supporting all major agency networks and thousands of their brands.


Native Advertisers

Httpool enables native advertisers to target international audiences via its global media partners; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. Based on advanced technology and extensive know - how, Httpool ensures that its clients consistently exceed their ROI targets and maximize their potential.

Httpool is a strategic partner of hundreds of the largest global app developers, gaming, block chain, and e-commerce companies.


Httpool promotes a strategic approach to digital advertising with a focus on crucial business objectives

Speedy Brand Lift

Speedy is one of the leading companies in a door to door parcel delivery.

MCD Burger Election

World’s famous fast-food chain McDonald’s wanted to find out Malaysian audience’s favorite product and share their thoughts.

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